24 things

24 things about me:
  1. I am a constant contradiction
  2. Dedicated to the synergy between commerce and the environment
  3. Fascinated by management practices
  4. Truly believes that personal branding, web presence and international on line collaborations are the way forward
  5. Work-a-holic, my work is still my major passion
  6. Music lover, I love music for what it is, not for what it represents
  7. Excited about what is to come; scared by what is to come
  8. Trying to push the boundaries but worried they will eventually break
  9. Fascinated by the things I don’t understand
  10. Envious of people with one passion in life, one that they can really embrace
  11. Believes that everyone is good, until they prove me wrong…
  12. …. Then I hate them for making me wrong
  13. Gastronome; the best experiences enter through the mouth and end up in the stomach
  14. Believer in the need to save the planet and the need to re-educate the populous at large to do so
  15. Apple convert – I fell hook line and sinker; but I am not a windows hater, they have there place
  16. Wannabe mountaineer – but need to spend more time here
  17. Avid book reader, but I don’t like libraries, I need to own books
  18. Animal lover
  19. Emotional, but its under control
  20. Believes in giving every single person a chance no matter what
  21. Hates discrimination, but possibly positive discrimination even more than negative, everybody should be judged on who they are, not what they are
  22. Never afraid to dream…
  23. …but I have my feet on the floor
  24. I found this really hard, I do not do self promotion